About HotLips Messiah

THE DISCO MISCARRIAGE IS HERE! Available in most, if not all, Chicagoland record stores, our 46 song double colored vinyl opus is out now! If you want to order it online, please contact Richard Bastard at dolejs1973@gmail.com and he will take your payment and promptly mail out the record and accompanying black light poster!

Whoa, nellie!   You have indeed fallen deep inside the rabbit hole, to stumble upon this not-s0-dark website!   Welcome, and bow down to your future mutant overlords!   One of Chicago's best little secrets, HotLips Messiah is the premier mutant rock band of the Midwest.   Formed in 1995 by Richard Bastard, Bob Head, fred249x and the late, great Johnny Rat's Ass, HotLips Messiah eventually found it's way out of  the basement with occasional line-up changes, including different lead vox by Amy HotLips and Mr. Bastard himself, until Traci Trouble joined the fold around 2006.    Different keyboardists started and went with Rachel Schindleman, Arvo, and finally Infectious Rex in 2003.   Don't even get us started on drummers.   Lots of drummers.   Scads of drummers.   Too many drummers to count on two hands.   We're almost the Spinal Tap of punk rock bands, only the worst fate to befall these drummers is actually joining this band.   

 Our second Official album, DISCO MISCARRIAGE, a 46 song double vinyl opus of songs is a retrospective with all new recordings of songs that came, went and were retired from our setlists decades ago, combined with brand new songs to offend and thrill.   The first 500 red and white swirled vinyl albums come with a flocked black light poster with bitchin' Mac Blackout artwork on both sides and the lyrics on the reverse side.

Our previous serious releases include MUTANTS UNITE!, a 12 song album that includes the current line-up and an old drummer;   GET WEIRD!, a split 7" record with Chicago's first punk band, Tutu & the Pirates, on Criminal IQ Records;   the digital E.P.s "MUTANT MANIFESTO" and "DIE, HUMAN SCUM!"; and, if you have been friends with us over the years, you may have cassettes or burned cds with the titles "Don't Be A Moron Your Whole Fucking Life" EP, "Fuck You", "American Clone", "Smell No Evil" EP, and "@#%@*!!"   We almost exclusively play the Greater Chicagoland Area, but have been known from time to time to slip out and play Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.    Get ahold of us at dolejs1973@gmail.com if you want us to play your town!